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One Manchester

Understanding People & Place

One Manchester, the largest housing association in the region, looked to Tipi to help understand their tenants’ sense of place, so that they could improve their neighbourhoods and increase community involvement.

To get under the skin of their customer’s daily lives, we carried out over 70 Radical Listening™ interviews. We spent 144 hours with tenants, immersing ourselves in their neighbourhoods and visiting their homes to listen to stories about their lives, identities, families, hopes and challenges. This gave us a privileged view into their needs, issues and barriers to community involvement, and a greater understanding of their sense of place.

This insight into their customers’ lives and community connections allowed One Manchester to develop numerous programmes designed to engage tenants, provide appropriate support, and create a sense of shared identity in their communities.

Following our research, One Manchester were nominated for an industry award for connection with tenants, and we have since presented the work at two industry conferences.

“It's rare to find a business that exceeds your expectations, but Tipi did just that… They have a unique understanding of and empathy with people - both within our business and our communities. Lorna and her team are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Tom Bassford, Strategic Lead for Place, One Manchester

Create Future

Igniting the Personal ‘Spark’

When marketing agency Create Future were developing a pensions brand to breathe new life into a staid category, our person-centred insight helped to ignite their creative process.

Speaking to a wide range of people at retirement age about their lives, hopes and ambitions, we discovered that no-one saw themselves as the archetypal ‘retiree’. Instead, they identified themselves based on their own unique passions, such as their favourite bands, round-the-world trips, tattoos and Brain May perms, and meticulous chef’s skills.

Based on this insight, Create Future developed a range of brand routes that were much more challenging and vibrant than those typically seen in the sector. We then tested this branding with fresh respondents, who felt a much stronger connection with these more challenging routes.

The work is still to be released so we need to keep it confidential for now – watch this space!

“Tipi are our go-to option when we need rich, empathic insight to inform our work. Responsive, professional and just great to work with, their range of research techniques and commentary has added huge value and had immediate pragmatic impact whenever we've engaged them. A+. Would recommend.”

Nathan Fulwood, Strategy Director, Create Future


Rediscovering Brand Strengths

Yushoi had successfully launched in the UK but sales had plateaued. The marketing team felt that their brand was restricted by a focus on health and Japanese influences, and wanted to move more into the mainstream.

We conducted focus groups with Yushoi customers and consumers of more ‘mainstream’ snacks, using a mix of exercises and stimulus designed to evaluate the brand’s potential to innovate and adapt their identity. Alongside that, we dug deep into the motivations and desires of their different audiences, which turned out to be critical to Yushoi’s future direction.
Our findings challenged the team’s ideas; we found that their audiences needed a snack to be satisfying and guilt free.

Becoming ‘mainstream’ risked moving away from their customers’ core motivations, and diluting Yushoi’s differentiation as an attractive, healthy snack. Instead, our research suggested they should stay true to their healthy origins, and dial up warmth, personality, and taste cues to keep expanding in the market.

“Tipi provided a brilliant debrief and turned it all around very quickly. It gave us clear direction for brand development and more depth / richness around our consumer segments. Feedback from the whole team was really positive.”

Hugh, Insight Manager, Calbee


Proving the Value of a Medical Masterclass

MPS is a not-for-profit member organisation which provides indemnity for medical professionals and differentiates its offer through education and risk reduction. Our collaborative research helped MPS to explore the role of an industry-leading training course (the Masterclass) in changing practice and reducing risk.

This was a highly cooperative project: Tipi provided independent research to feed into MPS’ task of building a business case and developing an academic paper to demonstrate the value of their Masterclass. Our joint analysis combined existing insight from MPS with academic research and our own primary research, to get a comprehensive view of how best to showcase the positive impact of the Masterclass and their educational approach amongst medical professionals.

Our work with MPS resulted in an internal presentation that showcased the Masterclass in a pithy and engaging way, and the research we helped them conduct was published in a joint academic paper in the British Medical Journal.

“You won’t find anyone more enthusiastic about research! Lorna gets fully involved in all aspects of a project and is not afraid to voice if something is not working and come up with ideas. Her style is very engaging; she tells a story and provides clear direction for the future.”

Lauren, Insight Manager, MPS

Pharmacist Support

Strategising with Radical Listening

Pharmacist Support (PS) were developing their 5-year strategy, and enlisted Tipi’s help to understand current perceptions, identify their relative strengths and discover new opportunities moving forwards.

We fully immersed ourselves in their business – meeting with senior management, engaging with trustees, and poring over their existing insight to get a complete picture of their needs and challenges. Then, we got to work conducting video interviews with pharmacists, donors and beneficiaries, to explore their professional challenges, what support they needed, and where PS could help.

We identified that PS was operating in their own niche and had scope to build an offer around their unique position in the market, with a strong need to raise awareness and understanding of the charity. We fed this rich understanding into a survey which helped to quantify our findings. These outputs combined with the video interviews gave PS the robustness they needed to communicate their strategy to trustees, and even to take their message to parliament.

“Tipi listened and developed a good understanding of our organisation. They dug that bit deeper than we were expecting and the output produced was both informative and incredibly useful, including some great video content. The research was an investment for the charity, and we were keen to do as much as we could with it. Thanks to Tipi, we were able to launch a section of the results at a Parliamentary event, raising awareness of some of the issues facing those we are here to help.”

Danielle Hunt, CEO, Pharmacist Support